Live Edit With Google Chrome Inspect Element – Devtools Autosave

DevTools Autosave     Devtools Autosave

I have always wanted to do lived edits in CSS with Google Chromes Inspect Element Tool.
I have scavenged the internet multiple times looking for a tool like this over the years but until now I couldn’t find it.
Devtools Autosave works just like I would want it to. It uses the Node.js server which I have worked with and I honestly never had a problem using Node.js and I think it’s a great platform for Google Chrome!

Anyways I just found Devtools Autosave out and I’ve been looking for years for something like this..
It truly is a great tool for Web Designers.

I had to do a couple things for it to work though that the tutorial here doesn’t cover.

1.) At the end I couldn’t get the program to run by typing in
” chrome-devtools-autosave-server/index.js
I had to type this in instead:
” node “%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache\autosave\1.0.3\package\index.js” 

2.) Oh and you also need to make sure you get the latest version on autosave here:

3.) And make sure you run CMD as an administrator or it’s not going to work for you!