To Blob Or Not To Blob

To BLOB or Not to Blob

Great read on whether to store data in a database or file system.

Two books I’ve read multiple times..

PHP and MySQL Web Development 4th Edition
C++ How to Program 8th Edition

I give both of these books a solid 10/10, they have taught me the bulk of what I know.
I read about half of these from a pirated version I had until I realized they are good enough to buy. 

Underoath Hidden Track

AutoBio Part 1

I’ve been wanting to start my story for a long time now.. My life has consisted of so many blessings from god and my family it’s insane. While life has beat me down and my stupid decisions getting me into rough situations I always end up having someone reaching out for my hand to pull me out of the hole I put myself in.

I think I’ll start this off in the climax of my young adult life.. I was 17, it was November 13, 2013 I was staying at my cousin Evan’s while my dad was out of town for work.. My friend Josh told me a few weeks before about this website called and how with this website he was able to get with a bunch of girls. I had to try it out… Well after a couple of weeks I finally stumbled on this one girl that was finally wanting and able to meet up with me. Her name was Sierra Burley. Sierra, she was the downfall of my life, she isn’t at fault for what my life became but with the decisions I made with her is what brought me to rock bottom in life. With her I ruined my friendships and my relationships with my family, and let her destroy a great portion of my heart.

We were chatting online that night for the first time, (November 13) and she was wanting to hang out with me. I wish I still had the messages we sent back and forth from each other. She told me to come and meet her at a gas station in Kuna, which was 15 miles away from where I was at the time. She didn’t have a phone but only an iPod. I remember telling my cousin before I left the house to meet with Sierra, “Hey!, if I don’t return I was supposed to meet some random girl in Kuna, So if I go missing, you at least know where I am.” I should have never left that house. Sierra and I had the meeting spot picked out but she couldn’t text me from this iPod without an internet connection so she had to walk down to the gas station which had a moxie java right next door to it which supplied WiFi to her iPod so she could text me. So in the back of my head I knew she had her phone taken away from her. This was an obvious red flag to me but I decided to ignore it. I met up with her. That night I met the first girl I ever fell in love with, the girl that held my child, the girl that made me have something to live for, but also the girl who almost killed me, the one who sent me to jail, the one who murdered our child we meant to have, the girl who cheated, the girl who lied, the girl who tore my life apart. The girl that made me realize I don’t know it is like to love someone and have them love you back.



Infidelity exists not because of a lack of love, but for the lack of respect for oneself and the other.

Things to say

I have recently been thinking non stop about how I am going to write this story.. This is really difficult to start. I want to do it right.. 
Through my recent days in jail and my past screwing up a relationship of mine it’s just getting harder and harder to stay motivated but I know god has a great plan for me and I’m going to do something great in this world.

Programming, Auto-bibliography, Games, Cars, Law, Women, etc.

I have a story to tell.